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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing offers a new way to manage your business by providing IT services through virtualized applications, software, hardware and networking services that are housed in an internet “cloud“. Unlike a traditional environment where you own and actively manage the infrastructure and resources, a cloud computing model enables you to “lease” these resources.

The cloud provides unmatched flexibility to quickly adapt to your changing business needs and it’s the most efficient, most dependable and most agile environment ever created. And, it’s easier to deploy than you might think.

For most organizations, the move from a traditional IT operation to a cloud-based business solution requires a proactive approach to understand your unique needs and then create a functional action plan addressing architecture, business opportunity and innovations, process changes, and growth strategies. And PCM can help put you on the fast track to the Cloud.

We provide a wide range of Services and Solutions that can empower your organization to fully leverage the Cloud. We have proven experience in helping our clients obtain enhanced operational efficiency and new business opportunities through our:
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
  • Application Hosting
PCM understands that our customers require a mix of on-premises and hosted IT services and we can offer fast, reliable and scalable services which can be easily re-configured to meet the demands of your business. You pay for what you use with the ability to add server capacity, processing power or storage as your needs change.

What is the benefit to my business?

Cloud computing offers a single way to help lower capital expenditures, increase revenue, improve customer experiences and cultivate innovation. Businesses are able to steer their organizations in new directions by pooling resources to maximize efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

The Cloud provides small and mid-sized companies access to the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art technologies previously reserved for only the largest organizations. It is especially well suited to growing businesses in that it provides the flexibility to quickly change as the needs of the business change without the up-front investment.

Don’t let the high costs of hardware, software, networking and support prevent your organization from upgrading to new technology solutions that you need to compete. Whether you need hosted applications, backup and recovery solutions or just online storage, we’re here to help meet all your needs. Call your PCM Account Executive for more details.
The cloud encompasses several deployment models: Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

  • Public Cloud

    A public cloud gives freedom to organizations of all sizes. Technology can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing deployment flexibility and support for mobile workforces. In addition, a public cloud solution lowers the setup costs often associated with implementing innovative technology solutions. There’s no capital investment, no administrative headaches and no risk. The scalable hosting infrastructure of our SSAE 16 data center takes advantage of the latest technologies to provide the highest levels of service delivery and operational continuity.

    A public cloud may be the best choice for:
– Fast access to standardized services
– Avoiding a capital outlay to provide new services
– Experimenting with a cloud-based model
– Businesses under pressure to cut costs
– Internal data centers that are reaching their limit

  • Private Cloud

    For organizations with sensitive information and industry-related compliance requirements, a private cloud may be the answer. Some organizations may never want their data in a public environment or may have regulatory requirements that prevent them from using a public cloud.

    A private cloud solution can offer some of the same advantages as a Public Cloud, but with the added control and customization of a cloud dedicated to just their organization. Access is limited to their users and their partner networks. This solution can alleviate security and privacy concerns and provide additional flexibility to meet business requirements. A private cloud can be hosted in an off-site data center and managed by PCM, or as an on-site cloud solution.

    A private cloud may be the be the best choice for:
– Addressing security and privacy issues
– Customization and flexibility
– Control over the environment

  • Hybrid Cloud

    It is important to note that cloud-based services and on-premises options are not mutually exclusive delivery models for cloud-based deployment models. With a hybrid cloud, organizations are able to tailor the ratio of on-premises to off-premises solutions, realizing the advantages of both. For example, an organization may choose to use a cloud-based solution for e-mail, but maintain a dedicated, on-premises solution for critical document management or those than must remain in-house for compliance issues.

    A hybrid cloud may be the best choice for:
– A remote workforce with local IT management and staff
– A headquarters with small branch offices
– Critical data which must be maintained on-site
– Highly innovative environments that require rapid availability of new services
Data Center Solutions

Designed and built to help protect against security breaches and natural disasters, our SSAE 16 enterprise-class data center adheres to strict operational standards and offers a security-rich, controlled environment designed from the ground up for high availability.

Our Cloud Services include:
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments, Planning, and Deployment Services
  • Private Cloud Services with Scalable Compute Resources Including Servers, Storage, and Network
  • Hybrid Cloud Management and Design
  • Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

Whether your business requires a simple tape-based backup recovery solution or more complex, fully managed data center hosting, we will help ensure your organization remains resilient during business interruptions.

Our Disaster and Continuity Services include:
  • Virtual Recovery on Demand
  • High Availability Services
  • Data Replication and Recovery Services
  • Advanced Backup Services

Application Hosting

We can help you switch to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which reduces capital expenses and lowers operational costs. Hosted software applications become a predictable monthly cost, and you gain the flexibility to change your software portfolio to meet the needs of your business.

Our Application Hosting Services include:
  • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook e-mail services
  • Microsoft SharePoint collaboration portals
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • IBM iSeries Hosting

As you approach your own transition to the Cloud, we invite you to discuss the right approach for your business with us. For additional information on the Cloud, contact your PCM Account Executive.
The cloud model is composed of three service models: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Each type of cloud services is geared for different purposes:

Software as a Service (or SaaS) is used by users to complete business tasks. Examples of SaaS include:
  • E-mail
  • Office automation
  • CRM
  • Information/Knowledge Sharing (Wiki)
  • Social Networking (Twitter, Blogging, FaceBook)

Platform as a Service (or PaaS) is used by developers and deployers for creating and deploying applications and services for users. Examples of PaaS include:
  • Application Development, Data, Workflow, etc.
  • Security Services (Single Sign-On, Authentication, etc.)
  • Database Management
  • Directory Services

Infrastructure as a Service (or IaaS) is used by system managers to create platforms for service and application testing, development, integration and deployment. Examples of IaaS include:
  • Mainframes, Servers, Storage
  • IT Facilities/Hosting Services
Data Sheets:
Hosted Disaster Recovery Services
Hosted Exchange Services
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