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What is a Hosted Data Center?

A major source of inefficiency in government data centers is the large numbers of under-utilized servers as well as other obsolete technologies. By replacing those with a Hosted Data Center solution, organizations can reduce the costs and complexity of maintaining their own data centers.

PCMG offers flexible data center hosting capabilities that address the complex issues associated with maintaining your own Data Center. Our Hosted Data Center is filled with new high-density racks that utilize fully integrated power, cooling and InfraStruXure security. It allows our customers to deploy more technology per rack than most other hosting firms can provide. By populating racks with servers from top to bottom, we can offer more efficiency and a better price performance for your hosting investment.

PCMG offers a wide range of high availability Hosted Data Center services to meet your requirements while minimizing the costs associated with maintaining IT systems. In addition, our SSAE 16 enterprise-class facilities keep your applications available and secure for just a fraction of the cost of establishing an “in-house” data center. We’re able to set up several types of hosting, so we can match the right solution to your particular needs:

What is the benefit for my organization?

A Hosted Data Center from PCMG can help you reduce capital expenditures and accelerate the implementation of technology with on-demand services:

  • Shared data storage and backup services
  • Application hosting and Software-as-a-Service application hosting options from Microsoft, VMWare, Doubletake, MaxAVA, Halcyon and more
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Virtual Servers. SAN Performance Storage, Network Bandwidth and Backup Services and Technology-as-a-Service
  • Business Continuity Services that provide High Availability to Warm Target systems to help your organization continue during those unplanned situations

Stop wasting time building and maintaining your own redundant data center. Call your PCMG Account Executive today. Let us do the hard work efficiently and affordable for you.

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PCMG offers fully managed solutions with flexibility to meet your individual business and technology requirements.

Managed Hosted Services

  • Managed rack space less than full rack deployments
  • Secure Limited Access

Dedicated Racks

  • For Clients with larger footprints needs
  • Available when local access is needed and workspace options are needed

Custom Cage Enclosures

  • Secure with badge access and tracking

Managed Support Services

  • Business Service Management

IT services and support with critical business applications such as ERP, email, CRM, Ecommerce, Web and VoIP. We can give the LOB manager, application manager or IT Support team not only server availability information but we can also provide them with performance information about all of the technology elements that support the application from communications and network to storage and server availability. When applications encounter performance issues due to supporting infrastructure, it's easier to quickly identify and resolve the problem that is causing the slowdown of critical business applications

Complete Backup Services

  • Daily Incremental
  • Weekly full
  • Offsite storage rotation
  • Encryption services

Network Services

  • Redundant internet bandwidth failover connection
  • Ability to burst during peak loads
  • Pt-Pt VPN options

Private Cloud Services

  • Eliminate up-front capital expenses
  • Quickly expand your Server, SAN and Network infrastructure to support new applications.

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Managed IT Support Services
Monitoring & Management Services
Business Continuity

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