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What are Digital Signage Services?

Digital signage is changing the way organizations communicate. Dynamic messages help to supplement, or even replace, traditional forms of messaging. Screens are becoming more affordable, are thin and lightweight, and can communicate with computer networks to fetch new content easily.

The applications are endless – communicating store specials, welcoming guests, brand messaging, displaying wait times in waiting rooms and lobbies, updating travelers to arrival and departure times, advertising for shops and restaurants, creating customer experiences in entertainment venues and updating employees with critical information and events.

Choosing the best hardware, software, placement and content strategy is often helped by choosing a total solutions provider that can assist during the entire digital signage lifecycle. Having delivered distributed computing to the IT industry for over 25 years, PCM is able to leverage the extensive knowledge, processes and infrastructure to meet the specific and unique requirements of your digital signage project. We can help with:
  • Site assessments & surveys
  • Identifying the appropriate hardware and network configuration
  • Equipment procurement, configuration and installation
  • Cabling
  • Custom mount design and fabrication
  • Recommendations for content creation software or content partners
  • Network management software
  • Full project management, systems integration, and nationwide logistics services
  • Ongoing technical support & training
  • Certified warranty service across the United States
  • Asset recovery services for your organization’s outdated equipment
We’re here to help you with a digital signage solution that fits your budget and your unique needs.

What are the benefits for my company?

From retail locations to waiting rooms, and from airports to auditoriums, we’ve got the experience to help you with every aspect of your digital signage installation. We have the experience of over 7000 installations and over 9000 screens under service contract and can provide service across all fifty states.

With PCM, you’re equipped with a total digital signage solution – from a site survey and plan to the digital signage installation and ongoing service and support. Evaluating your unique requirements is an important part of the process and can make the most of your investment. The first step involves a pre-installation site survey to determine your specs such as what size screen you are looking for, whether you require audio, how much cabling is necessary or whether the system needs to be networked across multiple locations. Our entire team of experts from networking, security, storage and mobility are also here to assist so that we can effectively maximize your system, equipping it with network capabilities that are ready to grow when you are.

Through one point of contact at PCM, you have access to the highest quality technology, superior manufacturer partners and exceptional service. No one is more committed to your needs. Learn more by contacting your Account Executive today.

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