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As Emerson Network Power, you knew us as a global provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services. Now we’d like you to know us as Vertiv, an agile operation with a laser focus on delivering vital, innovative and intelligent applications for high-tech environments that help you achieve your IT goals.

Vertiv combines power management, IT management, integrated solutions and software with outstanding expertise and services for an offering that feels specifically tailored to the customer’s continued strength and success.

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Our Liebert power portfolio includes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and rack power distribution units (PDU). Your power distribution system impacts both availability and scalability. Our room, row and rack PDUs give you the flexibility to adapt to changing environments. They also support monitoring to ensure availability and provide insight into energy use.

Liebert PST Stand-By UPS
Liebert PSA Line Interactive UPS
Liebert PSI Line Interactive
Ext Runtime UPS
Liebert GXT4 Online UPS
Liebert DI-Strip Basic PDU
Liebert MPH2 Intelligent PDU
Avocent DSView Management
Avocent Rack Power Management
Liebert Nform
Liebert Multilink Software
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Liebert Power Assurance Package
Coming Soon
Liebert Power GXT4 Extended Warranty
Liebert MPH2 Extended Warranty


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Our solutions provide comprehensive functionality, scalability and security across the facility by utilizing KVM, service processor and serial console technologies.

The Avocent SV desktop KVM switches enable you to use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to seamlessly access multiple PCs, without the expense and waste of valuable desktop real estate

Avocent Secure Desktop KVM
Avocent Standard Desktop KVM

The Avocent enterprise KVM switches include the AV family for SMB applications and the MPU family for applications that need network and power redundancy.  Centralize the management of the switches with DSView 4 software.

Avocent AV KVM
Avocent MPU KVM
Avocent DSView 4 Management

The Avocent LCD Console Tray family provides a variety of features that simplify and provide ease of access to servers, making software upgrades, troubleshooting and system monitoring convenient.

The Avocent® ACS console server offers IT professionals and network admins the ability to perform secure, remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets.


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Software and controls overlay all of our solutions and provide ultimate control of the facility making our solutions intelligent, agile and reliable.

Avocent DSView Management
Avocent Rack Power Management
Liebert Nform
Liebert Multilink Software

The Liebert SN environmental sensor family provides a wide range of sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, leak detection and other conditions

The Avocent Universal Management Gateway is the first data center appliance that enables true, real-time, integrated monitoring, access and control across IT and facilities systems in the data center.


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Vertiv’s integrated systems enable efficient management of critical infrastructure by combining thermal, power and IT management in a single plug-and-play system for faster deployment to address today’s most pressing demands in IT infrastructure.

More than an IT Provider - We’re Your Technology Partner!

Since 2002, PCM-G has been a leading provider of IT products, services, and solutions to government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. We provide access to over 300,000 IT products like tablets, laptopsdesktops, servers, storage, and networking from leading manufacturers like Cisco, HPI, Apple, Adobe, Lenovo and Microsoft. With powerful eProcurement tools, comprehensive software licensing solutions and dedicated Account Executives, it's easy to get exactly what you need to tackle your technical challenges.

In addition, we offer world class procurement and logistics, IT consulting, and implementation services delivered through over 1200 technical professionals. Whether you want to deploy tablets securely or move your data center to the cloud, PCM-G is here to make it happen. Our Services experts will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and provide tailored services to allow your organization to lower costs, increase agility, improve efficiency and succeed in today's global economy and beyond.

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