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The Situation
The Challenges
Questions to Consider
The Benefits
Chromebook Accessory Solutions
White Glove Plus


Chromebooks come with support, management, and built-in access

to Google Apps and educational content.

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The Situation: To Create a Fun, Efficient, and Innovative Learning Environment
With the changing face of school education, it is highly important for educators to take a look at the classroom environment through the lens of digital interaction. Students who have continuous access to a computing device clearly take more control of their own learning, than students with infrequent access to a variety of different devices, where links and materials cannot be stored and exploration is limited.
Integrated solutions are putting tools such as screen and content sharing, instant polling and group surveys, and remote device management directly into the hands of students and teachers. This provides the means to keep students engaged and improve classroom management.

The Challenges

No new technology implementation is without challenges, an interactive classroom should balance technology-enabled interaction and non-technology –based interaction, and digital and non-digital learning. Students today are adept at using technology, and tools such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets are already second nature to them. Taking technology out of the learning equation would be alienating an integral part of the students’ abilities. Understanding technology is becoming more and more important in the workplace and other areas; competing with peers in the 21st century simply necessitates the need for technological finesse.

Questions to Consider:

How quickly will the technology be available
to my school?
Can my school afford solutions for every
How much extra work will be put in for each
of the teachers setting up the devices?
How can we prevent theft with the devices,
are secure carts available?
How reliable is the network we’re working with?
What is the deployment process like?
What functionality will the device have during
How much product knowledge does a teacher
need to utilize the device in the classroom?
What kind of warranty is available for each device?
How will this improve the learning experience
for the students?

Browse Chromebook models

Chromebooks start at $149 with management license and support for $30.

The Benefits

Provides Cloud Storage

By hosting everything in the cloud, file management is easier for office staff. It reduces the time taken out of the day to go through files and paperwork. It also gives the students the ability to share documents, without the students having to toggle in and out of the device.

Environmentally Friendly

By bringing technology into the classroom, you’re reducing the amount of paper waste with printouts, books, and lined paper needed for students.

Prepares Students for the Future

By learning to use technology in the classroom, students will learn the critical thinking and workplace skills that they will need to be successful in the future in a cost effective manner.

Flexibility and Adaptability to Differentiated Learning

As the needs of our students evolve, so does the way that we need to communicate and reach out to each of them. By catering their learning to what they need, students are more likely to enjoy learning and pay attention longer.

Quick Boot-Up

With a quick start up system, the battery life will last from the moment your students sit down with you until the moment they’re leaving to go home. Endless hours of education and fun, brought easily without cords!

Advantageous to Administration

By being able to set a “Master Parental Control” for all the devices, you are able to make sure the students are staying focused on their education instead of playing games on the devices.

Low Maintenance

By migrating your school system to cloud based devices, you will no longer need to worry about system updates. Everything will automatically update.

Total Cost of Ownership

The fact that Chromebooks don’t require additional software and IT licenses, physical servers, maintenance services, and updates mean that the cost of ownership can be up to 70% less than that of a traditional computer.

Chromebook Accessory Solutions

Enhance Your Chromebooks with our Top Picks


White Glove Plus:

Adding to Existing Deployments?
Already have Chrome deployed in the classroom but looking for a simpler way to get new devices and users up and running? PCMG’s White Glove Service for Chrome prepares devices for teacher or student to use right out of the box. We will enroll your new Chromebook in the school’s Management Console and, ensure all updates and school personalization has been applied. PCMG’s etching and asset tagging service can help ensure Chromebooks are easily identifiable with custom school logo, name or property info. Preparing Chromebook for use upon delivery greatly reduces work required by the onsite technical staff and improves the end user experience.
New Deployment
Google Chrome Management Console - Planning, deployment and first-time setup Have you decided to introduce Chrome in the Classroom but not quite sure where to start? Planning, design and setup are all really important steps in the process and need to be done correctly to ensure a successful deployment. PCMG can help your school successfully introduce Chromebooks in the classroom by removing the guess work and empowering your team.

PCMG will work with your school’s network team and school administrators to design and setup the Management Console with focus on developing Organizational Units, Classes and Access rights. Schools new to using Google Apps will find value in leveraging PCMG for the initial setup and we will train your support staff during this first-time setup, providing guidance and demonstration of how to administer the domain and its settings.
Chrome Polish - “30-60-90 Day Check-Ups” & Consulting
Following Management Console Launch
Scheduled 30/60/90 Day Check-Ups by the PCMG team that did the initial setup of your Google Management Console will ensure that the plan that was established is working optimally. During our Check-Ups, we will review the management console environment, leaving time for questions on administration, and discussion around best practices. Your Team will benefit from the collective real-world experience this team has in support of educators around critical pieces of security, app delivery and user structure.
Chromebook Proof-of-Value Bundle for Pilot Projects
Proof-of-Value Bundles are a sure path to get any new Google Chromebook Project off to a successful start. The bundle includes 12 Chromebooks with a 1yr Warranty, storage/charging cart, wireless access point with power injector, White Glove device enrollment, Chromebook Management Console, Management Console set up and consultation, and 2-Day Onsite Teacher to Teacher Training. This will get the technology in the hands of teachers and train them to tie the technology to their curriculums, enabling a successful 1-to-1 Pilot.

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