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Microsoft Windows 10 Devices & Accessories
PCM-G is a technology products, services and solutions provider for public sector customers.
Through a range of contract vehicles and a dedicated, certified acquisition and program
management team, we make it easy to find exactly what you need to tackle your most
demanding technology challenges. When you’re ready to equip your classroom with
Microsoft Windows 10 devices, software or accessories, PCM-G can provide you with the
technology and services you need from purchase to deployment, and maintenance. We can
also conduct an assessment to understand your requirements and make recommendations
that will match your objectives and budget.
Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Deliver
Affordable Technology Optimized for Education
We know that schools are looking for the best technology to build their 21st century digital classrooms at a cost-effective price that fits their budget.  Microsoft Windows 10 devices provide a technology solution that will assist schools in meeting their needs:
Microsoft Windows 10 devices come in a range of prices, including
low cost options from
third-party partners
A variety of compatible accessories such as charging carts, laptop cases, headsets, displays and more!
Services to set up
and manage your technology, wireless network, and
network security
Benefits of Windows 10 Devices:
  • Low cost device options available from 3rd party partners for
    budget-conscious schools.
  • Versatile configurations with the Microsoft Surface that allow the device to be
    used as a laptop or as a tablet
  • Expandable Memory and Storage allow schools to scale as their needs grow –
    and to keep their devices longer
  • Wireless Capabilities allow students and teachers to use the Internet as part
    of their learning curriculum
  • Many compatible accessory options to choose from such as cases, charging
    carts, displays, power, and more
Microsoft Surface:
Get the Ultimate in Security and Performance
with Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S
The Advanced Security of This System Makes It A Perfect Choice for the Classroom!
When it comes to purchasing technology for the classroom, security is an essential consideration.  Schools need to ensure that not only their data is safe, but their
students are safe as well.  It is critically important for technology to provide
security that keeps intruders out and prevents them from stealing data, all while
limiting students’ exposure to inappropriate outside materials that are abundant
on the web.  PCM-G can collaborate with your school to provide the technology
that meets your school’s requirements, perform a security assessment to ensure
security standards are met, and ensure a successful, on-time deployment.
The Microsoft Surface with Windows 10 S
Was Designed with Schools in Mind
Windows 10 S Uses Approved Apps and Safe
Browsing with Microsoft Edge Web Browser
Windows 10 S was inspired by students and teachers – and it’s the best
Windows OS ever for schools because of its enhanced security and
collaborative tools. By exclusively using apps from the Windows Store,
which are Microsoft-verified for security, and ensuring that you browse
safely with Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 S keeps you running fast and
secure day in and day out.  Peace of mind also comes from removing
the risk of downloading apps from other sources.
Microsoft Surface Uses the Cloud for Device
Management to Ensure Quick and Seamless
Access to Computing Resources
Administrators and teachers prefer simple device management solutions that
allow them to focus on teaching curriculums and other education-specific
activities that occur each day. Microsoft Surface has a simple management
solution that uses the Cloud infrastructure on-site at the school.  A single
sign-on gives your organization access to Microsoft Azure Active Delivery (AD).
Azure AD services lets you use a cloud-based device management solution, and gives your organization access to school Apps through the Windows Store.
Microsoft Surface Offers the Perfect Balance
of Portability and Performance and Allows
Teachers and Administrators to Take Their
Computing Power with Them as They Move
from Office to Classroom to Home.
You don’t have to choose between the power to do what you want and
traveling light. At just 2.7 pounds, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop fits easily in
your travel bag and gives you an ideal balance of portability and computing
power, plus up to 14 hours of video playback and a 7th-generation Intel®
Core™ processor to handle demanding desktop programs.
The New Surface Pro gives Educators and Higher
Education Students the Power of a Laptop
and Convenience of a Tablet.
The Surface Pro is the slimmest design and lightest weight of the
Surface Family, making it even more portable.  Students can easily
carry it in their back pack between classes and home, always
having their powerful technology with them, ready to do
their school-work.
Benefits of the Microsoft Surface Pro include:
  • Always connected with new LTE support so you can do schoolwork anywhere
  • High resolution display that quickly responds to your touch
  • Great security with your face as your password
  • Customized fabric covers in stunning new colors
To learn more about Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Surface,
please contact your PCM-G Representative at 1-800-625-5468.
VMware Horizon Enables Flexible Microsoft Desktop and Application Delivery on any Device,
Expanding User Access to Software Options. VMware is a global leader
in cloud infrastructure and business mobility.
VMware Horizon enables education IT departments to deliver Windows
desktops and applications to any device. Students, faculty, and staff can
now have secure access to their desktops and applications anywhere at
any time without concerns about the type of devices being used. Click
here for a video demonstrating flexible app delivery using Horizon.
  • NSX for Horizon Desktop (10 Pack CCU): NX-ADVC-10-A
  • Horizon Standard (10 Pack CCU): HZ7-STD-10-A
PCM-G delivers mission-critical cybersecurity and IT solutions to U.S. defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies, state and
local governments, and customers in the K-12 and Higher Education sectors. We create our own unique solution offerings
in the four key areas of Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM), Secure Mobile Computing Solutions, Data &
Predictive Analytics and High-Density Wi-Fi Solutions.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCM, Inc., a global company with over 40 locations and over 4,000 employees, one
quarter of whom are field based technical personnel. Our focus and resources align around the philosophy of Mission First.
This means we’ve taken the time to know the markets we serve and the driving factors responsible for mission success.
Through a range of contract vehicles and a dedicated, certified acquisition and program management team, it’s easy to find
exactly what you need to tackle your most demanding technical challenges.

More than an IT Provider - We’re Your Technology Partner!

Since 2002, PCM-G has been a leading provider of IT products, services, and solutions to government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. We provide access to over 300,000 IT products like tablets, laptopsdesktops, servers, storage, and networking from leading manufacturers like Cisco, HPI, Apple, Adobe, Lenovo and Microsoft. With powerful eProcurement tools, comprehensive software licensing solutions and dedicated Account Executives, it's easy to get exactly what you need to tackle your technical challenges.

In addition, we offer world class procurement and logistics, IT consulting, and implementation services delivered through over 1200 technical professionals. Whether you want to deploy tablets securely or move your data center to the cloud, PCM-G is here to make it happen. Our Services experts will collaborate with you to understand your requirements and provide tailored services to allow your organization to lower costs, increase agility, improve efficiency and succeed in today's global economy and beyond.

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